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    Qualified customers can lower their energy bill by taking advantage of our HEATSMART program.

    HEATSMART is an “interruptible rate” program which provides qualifying customers a special discounted kilowatt-hour rate for separately metered electric space heating and electric water heating (must be 40 gallons or larger) and cooling (if using a heat pump).

    Based on current rates, you may save 20 percent or more on the space heating portion of your bill compared to billing under the general residential rate. Your savings will depend on your usage.

    The discounted kilowatt-hour rate is applied to the distribution charge, the transmission charge, and the stranded cost recovery charge components as noted on your bill. The energy and system benefits charge, electricity consumption tax, and energy service charge components are not discounted.

    In exchange for this reduced rate, you agree to let us briefly interrupt your heating or cooling circuits during periods of high electricity demand. (Power to lights and appliances is not interrupted in this program.)

    During periods of interruption you would rely on your backup heating system to provide your heat.

    To qualify for the HEATSMART program you must have all the following:

    • Permanently installed electric heat (such as electric resistance baseboard, electric radiant heating, electric boiler, electric air source heat pump, or a geothermal/ground source heat pump).
    • An approved permanently installed backup heating source sized to adequately heat the area of the premises served by the interruptible electric heat.

    Approved backup heating sources must be one of the following:

    • Electric thermal storage devices
    • Wood stove
    • Wood pellet stove
    • Coal stove
    • Wood-fired, direct vent fireplaces may be acceptable. Submit a manufacturer's specifications sheet listing the unit's BTU output rating with your HEATSMART program application. Make sure the unit meets the sizing requirements listed above.

    Customers who choose to take advantage of the HEATSMART rate option, are responsible for:

    1. Completing the Customer Application for HEATSMART.
    2. The cost of hiring a licensed electrician to install a separate electrical panel for the wiring of the electric and water heating circuits to this panel. The licensed electrician must complete an Electrician's Worksheet.
    3. The cost associated with the back-up heating source, if it is not already present.

    For more information, please call 800-362-7764, Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. You can also email nhnewservice@eversource.com.

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