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    School Programs

    Eversource helps today’s students become the responsible citizens of tomorrow while learning how to be safe, preserve vital resources and ensure a brighter future for themselves and the planet.

    Eversource offers a number of location-specific programs about the importance of safety, energy efficiency and using clean, renewable energy sources, including in-classroom guides and materials, online interactive education programs and fundraising opportunities that educate students while offering them the opportunity to raise funds for important projects in their communities.

    Eversource In-School Programs

    Eversource has three great in-school programs to teach students in Eastern and Western Massachusetts how to conserve energy in their daily lives.

    The Eversource Challenge teaches students about energy efficiency and sustainable living. It invites students to showcase their energy knowledge through various challenges. With this program, Eversource hopes to encourage energy-efficient standards and sustainable living among students living in Eversource communities.

    Energy Quest is a fully interactive, technology-based program for middle school students in grades 6 through 8. This program transforms students into home energy investigators. Students move through an inflatable environment and use visual cues to locate areas where electricity, water, or gas is being used. Upon locating these “use” areas, students interact with a provided tablet to test their knowledge and learn about better energy conservation methods.

    Through this program, Eversource hopes to provide students with real-world examples of how they can be more conscious of their daily energy use.

    Watts-Ville is an interactive life-size board game for grades K through 3 that teaches students about energy efficiency and the importance of saving energy.

    Students will be separated into two groups and take turns spinning the Watts-Ville wheel. The groups will advance along the path across the board. As they move along the path, they will encounter both positive and negative energy conservation messages and be asked questions relevant to energy conservation.

    Safe, Not Sorry: Electric Safety for Kids

    Children learn how to use electricity safely in this instructional video.


    eesmarts is an energy efficiency and clean, renewable energy learning initiative for students in Connecticut with the vision of facilitating students' understanding of the science, math and technology related to clean, renewable energy and electricity.

    All eesmarts workshops and lessons fully align with the Connecticut Mastery Test, the Connecticut State Science Framework, the Connecticut State Mathematics Framework and the National Science Standards.


    Eversource offers schools a unique and educational fundraising opportunity for students in Eastern and Western Massachusetts.

    The “Change a Light, Change the World” fundraiser enables schools to raise much needed funds while teaching students about conserving energy.

    Schools keep 100 percent of the money collected from the fundraiser, with no limit on how much a school may earn. Eversource’s Energy Efficiency team will provide students with the light bulbs at no cost to the school.

    In-Class Materials

    These programs provides educators with energy curriculum, hands-on classroom kits and teacher training. These materials help teachers teach about energy in a unique and exciting way!

    Museum Partnerships

    As part of the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund’s educational and public outreach efforts, several interactive exhibits related to energy, energy efficiency and clean renewable energy sources are available to visitors throughout the state.

    These exhibits engage museum visitors, students and educators to explore the technologies and science related to the topics of energy conservation, efficiency, renewable energy and protecting our environment. More information is available on the Energize Connecticut website.

    Online Learning

    e-SMART Kids uses games, videos, experiments, personal stories, activities, and written information to teach students about the principles of electricity and natural gas.

    Students will learn about natural gas safety and the importance of energy efficiency in protecting the environment.